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Most tickets, like speeding and passed red light,  issued by police on the roadside are "traffic infractions." Traffic infractions are not criminal but convictions can causes suspensions, additional fines, and potential insurance increases. Azria & Bruffett has helped thousands of people minimize the impact of all types of traffic tickets on their life and record.  

Some Traffic Tickets, like Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, are Crimes

Some tickets given at the roadside are crimes and usually charged as misdemeanors under New York Law. The most common traffic crime is called "Aggravated Unlicensed Operation." An AUO will be charged if a driver's license is suspended from a court, DMV, or otherwise.New York Traffic Defense Attorneys in Syracuse, NY

As a crime, AUO requires the accused to appear in court from an arraignment.  As a misdemeanor the maximum possible sentence is up to one year in prison, And to clear suspensions, the accused must deal with all of the courts were those suspensions are in effect. 

Comprehensive and Experienced AUO Defense Attorneys

Our experienced defense attorneys have helped hundreds of clients deal with misdemeanor traffic charges in hundreds of New York Courts. And our office has experience dealing with several hundred courts around the state. Unlike some other attorneys that will direct their clients to clear up suspensions, we help you every step of the way. We find out exactly what must be done in each court, let you know the suspensions and fines that might be due in each, let you know if there are unanswered charges that must be resolved, and then we actually take care of then for you.

When you hire Azria & Bruffett, we become your contact for all issues with court suspensions. Our goal is to make your license valid and get you back on the road as conveniently and quickly as possible. 

For more information about Azria & Bruffett 's traffic defense practice, please visit our dedicated traffic defense information site or call (315) 364-1155 now for free consultation about your traffic charge.


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I had an excellent experience with this law firm. Mr Bruffett brought down my charges significantly and now I have zero points. He was always available if I had questions. They are a very organized and efficient group of professionals. I am very pleased with the outcome and I highly recommend them for traffic violations.

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David Bruffett resolved Speeding Violation very smartely. I contacted Attorney David receiving a speeding ticket over 100mph in NY, being a NJ driver. David was very professional and very clear on how to handle the issue (had very high points ticket but thanks to David who turned a stressful incident into a quick, easy and painless situation). Within a few months the issue was resolved and we are entirely satisfied with the outcome. I must say that David's help, support and guidance was very professional as well! I highly recommend David, if you have any traffic speeding tickets in the NY state. I found his services remarkable. He delivered more then he promised. I guess that what makes any client happy.




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